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I am a fiber artist and maker based in Brooklyn, NY.  I work out of my home studio where I weave and create handwoven beaded jewelry.  

I am inspired by the colors and textures in vintage textiles, the organic shapes found in nature and the soft feeling of wool in my fingertips. In my beaded earrings I try to create little wearable tapestries that the owner can take out of the home and into their daily life.

There is something so empowering and transformational about the process of weaving together fibers to create a piece of art. I have found that in my life, I have gravitated towards working with fibers in any capacity I could. (From making hundreds of friendship bracelets as a child, to designing and sewing clothing, latch hook rug making, bead weaving, crochet, knitting.) It is a way that I connect to past generations of women (and men) in my family who were makers, to myself and the world at large.

My beaded earrings have been truly a way to reconnect to the element of joy I had as a 12 yr old learning a new craft. I used to be an avid beader, and had a bead loom that I would tote around to play dates and family camping trips. I picked bead weaving back up again this summer, and being able to translate my tapestry designs to beaded earrings has been so exciting to me. The first night I sat down to teach myself off-loom bead weaving I literally was singing to myself out loud. It was so thrilling!